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"You Are Not Them is a timeless book of entrepreneurial wisdom and a must read for both seasoned and the starting entrepreneurs who are serious about success."  


- Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

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What if your success as an entrepreneur was contingent, not upon the external, but on your ability to continuously reprogram the way in which you perceive the world? How would you go about the task of carving yourself anew?




Sid Mohasseb’s, You Are Not Them!, approaches entrepreneurship the way a master craftsman would: as an iterative lifestyle rather than a final destination. You’re already an entrepreneur - now learn to become a great one!

You Are Not Them is about discovering your authentic entrepreneurial way and evolving always.

It is about innovation, traveling the jagged path of life, execution, and results; about choices and consequences. You Are Not Them is about navigating risk like a pilot, connecting, energizing and providing like an ocean and executing like a dancer.


It is about activating your entrepreneurial talent and actuating your mindfulness in order to connect your origins to your originality and discover your own authentic entrepreneur’s way.

The book is a road map to a journey within in order to develop your Personal Entrepreneurial Philosophy in pursuit of happiness!


Everything you need to be successful is already within you – the real question is, are you paying attention to it?


Be the catalyst of your own growth! Grab your copy of You Are Not Them today and discover your own authentic entrepreneur’s way!

FORWARD by Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone

So, you think you want to be an entrepreneur. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and you want to be a better entrepreneur.


Congratulations! You’re looking at the right book. That’s the good news. The less good news, as Sid Mohasseb will tell you early in this wonderful book, is that this is not a “how-to” manual. His premise, one that I strongly believe in, is that no two people are alike. Our genetic code provides for enough diversity that we can safely say that there are no exact twins among all the people who have ever lived and who will live in the foreseeable future (unless we figure out how to manufacture such twins by cloning, a future too bizarre to even think about). 


The obvious conclusion is that we are different enough from each other that a detailed how-to plan that works for a single individual should not be expected to work for another. But Sid has a unique approach to creating better entrepreneurs. He believes that the attributes necessary for any human to become an entrepreneur are already within us.; they need only to be cultivated, shaped, and refined. It is that process that is developed, in an understandable and practical way in his book.


Sid suggests that you create a vision of yourself as a successful entrepreneur and offers you tools to aid you in executing that creation. He uses the metaphor:



You are the sculptor


You are the sculpture!



You are the only person with enough knowledge of you to create a more refined you. He starts by defining the attributes of entrepreneurship and offers to take you on a journey that will provoke you to build your own entrepreneurial philosophy, one based upon your understanding of yourself. This will not be an easy journey. It will require the application of the concepts of mindfulness and of objectivity. But I predict that, if you stick it out, it will be an immensely productive journey.


Sid is too modest when he describes his ethos as the entrepreneurial philosophy. I predict that there will be more to this journey than entrepreneurship. You will find that life involves a series of entrepreneurial decisions and that the tools described in this book have the potential to change your entire life, not just the entrepreneurial part of it, for the better.


The journey itself will be a pleasant one because Sid, aside from his deep knowledge of business and creativity, is a humanist, and a poet. He enhances his wisdom with quotes from an eclectic group of philosophers from Jalâluddîn Rumi,  13th century poet and metaphysicist, to Mark Twain, from Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher, to Art Buchwald, from the Roman philosopher Seneca to Anais Nin and Gaugin.


I can’t guarantee that Sid Mohasseb’s book will make you a better entrepreneur or a better person, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy his poetry, his wisdom, and his logic. And you will rethink what life and business are all about.


Martin Cooper, Inventor of Cellphone

December 2020


Sid Mohasseb is an entrepreneur philosopher. He considers entrepreneurship an inherent talent we all possess and believes that there are always infinite opportunities ahead of us, regardless of our origins and limitations. Sid is an immigrant serial entrepreneur, an innovation thought leader, a university professor, a venture investor and a best-selling author. After decades in leadership and mentorship roles, Sid takes pride in being a forever apprentice who innovates and executes in order to stay relevant, to prevent leaving change to chance, and to evolve, always. 

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